Webster Technique

  • geared towards pregnant women

  • aids in relief of lower back pain and pelvic alignment to aid in an easier delivery

  • works towards balancing the pelvis and soft tissue (ie round ligament) surrounding the pelvis to reduce the risk of Cesarean Section

Activator Technique

  • use of an instrument to re-align the spinal column using a specific protocal from the patient guided by the physcian

  • delivers a graded pulse to specific points that will stimulate muscle relaxations

Thompson Drop Technique

  • pneumatic drops in the table are used to re-align the spinal column

  • the table will make a loud noise, but rarely will the patient hear an audible pop

Diversified Technique

  • a high velocity, but low ampitude style of adjusting that will oftentimes result in a cavitation or pop of the spine

Cox Flexion Distraction Technique

  • aids in releasing pressure or compressive loading of the spine

  • aids in relief of disc related issues; such as, sciatica